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Crystalline transmission from Jasper

When it rains, my skin gleams.

Jasper's volcanic red light

Jasper's volcanic red light

I am Jasper.   I live on the inside.  It’s what all you humans are searching for – this journey within to the heart of one’s being.  We crystalline entities have always known how to transmit this ability, to shine from the inside out.  Perhaps that is what we are here for: to show you.  It is difficult, I know, to look at me, rock that I am, albeit deep red scorched and gleaming from ancient volcanic fires, and think of me as a being.  But I am, like you, a child of the Earth.  The Earth breathes through me just as she does through you and we are all embedded in her skin – some of us more fixed and immovable than others.  

There was a time when I was envious of the human ability to move about, to walk, to anchor, to touch, to think, to feel, to interact with the Earth’s species.  Even longer ago, I remember a time when I was more fluid (but then I suppose that was when I was a liquid, not a solid, so you probably dismiss my thought as irrelevant).  In those days we were all important in helping create the Earth as you see her now.  Before the dinosaurs, even before plants and bacteria, before oxygen: now you see what I’m getting at.  

It is nice to remember all this because nowadays there aren’t a lot of beings I can share this with.  And humanity!  just so busy and self-consumed and planning the next thing – impossible to catch his eye and say, hey! slow down a minute, I’ve got something I want to tell you.   

So I pretty much sit here, shining in the rain, – a single jasper on a circumference of other very attractive but oh-so-plain stones – perched on the edge of a stone circle overlooking an ancient river basin; a circle created by your ancestors for reasons you and the rest of your kind can no longer remember.  What a calamity that must be: to have all your history spread in the countryside before you but with no inkling of which part fits where.  You know, they left you all the keys, so you could unlock the mysteries.  You’ve just forgotten that you mislaid them.  In your race to compete with each other to be the most intelligent, the most left-brained, the most accoladed, the most applauded of humans, you forgot your connection to the Earth, who gave birth to us all.  It is true: you were created to become the Earth’s antennae, to be her intellect, to use your circuitry to connect her to the spheres, but if you can’t remember that your feet, like mine, are supposed to be earth conductors to make that happen, then I am more likely to be a better conductor than you – to play the music of the spheres with more orchestration and verve than you, in your short-sightedness, will be capable of performing.

Forgive me – just feeling a little blue today, for all my fiery glow.  Give me another aeon; by then I’ll probably be feeling better.  

In the meantime, please try to remember where you misplaced your connection. It’s important for all of us.  We can’t do it without you. Seriously. Check and get back to me.  

We’ll speak again soon.   Love, Jasper.

Jasper guards the entrance to Easter Aquhorthies

Jasper guards the entrance to Easter Aquhorthies


Stones speak

We the stones wish to speak.  Mountains have had their say – shivering their pegs like mammoth tusks in the Earth’s crust until Humanity has started to listen.

Now it is our turn.  We may look gray or we may sparkle; we come in all sizes and forms; our most prized members are treasured as jewels by the human race.  

But it is our man-size companions who wish to speak at this time.  They are leftovers from a time when the human race understood the vibration issuing through and from rock.  

In Northeast Scotland, around the 57th parallel, we have had a voice these last five thousand years. Our Pictish champions allowed us speech for eight hundred of those years.  Before them at the start of the Piscean Age – the Messenger of Jerusalem’s sect of the fish predicted that this day would come at the dusking of Pisces and the dawning of Aquarius.  Aquarius dawned on February 14, 2009, by Gregorian reckoning.  So, with gratitude to the Kings of Picts for enabling our messages, we start again with the New People of  the Earth. 

We hope you will listen.  We have much to impart, to help prepare you for the new awakening, the tuning into Mother Earth, the Ship which has nurtured you and us for a billennium.

Over the next timeframe, we shall share our knowledge with you.  If you wish to listen and incorporate some of our message into your lives, we shall have played our part. 

Our helpers are the Bird Tribes.  If you cannot hear us at first, because our crystalline speech is difficult to understand,  listen to them.  They will show us all the way.  

We are all descended from stardust and it is from that genesis that these transmissions come.

Let the crystalline transmissions begin.Pictish carved stone with crescents, Inverurie Old Kirkyard,



crop circle swallow bird tribes

crop circle swallow bird tribes


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